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Key Lime Pie Alfajores

Mini Cakes

Custom Number Cake

Perfect gift for that special person

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Custom Monogram Alfajor cake

Delicious 9 inches tall with three layers of Alfajor cake loaded with tons of dulce de leche that will melt in your mouth.

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Walnuts Alfajor cake

The History of Alfajores

The word alfajor stems from the Arabic al-hasú, which means filled or stuffed, also it’s believed it comes from Al-fakhor, which means luxurious or excellent. The Moors made their way to Spain and there it was translated to Alfajor. They then hopped the pond to South America where they flourished and have been an important part of South American culture for centuries.

What are Alfajores?

They are two shortbread cookies joined with creamy dulce de leche (thick caramel-like deliciousness) that melt in your mouth, they are also packed with a rich cultural heritage.